Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Welcome everyone! I thought since our Pink Zebra website was down for a few days, I would start up a blog! Let me tell you a little about myself, and will get back to Pink Zebra!
Well, Ryan (my boyfriend) and I bought a house and remodeling about 100% of it. THAT is a lot of work (mostly for him!)!! It also gets very expensive!! We are over the halfway mark - just working little by little as we have the money. We both have Full time jobs, but are both trying to bring in extra money when we can. He used to own a service company that serviced hot tubs. So he is starting up tub work again little by little. I decided, well why can't I do something else in my spare time? So, I found a company that I liked, and that is Pink Zebra! It's a fairly new company - only been around for a little over 2 years. What Pink Zebra sells is soy based wax that you can melt in warmers, make your own candles with, place out in a container by themselves, or many many other uses!! The wax comes in a versatile Sprinkle form, so you don't have to break up bars or try cutting them to mix and match scents. Of course they also sell warmers, with a variety of shades and also small simmer pots. I love the candle making kits too - you can mix and match scents and create a unique layered candle!! I love the products, and am trying to get other people to love them too!!! If you would like to try them out before making a big investment, buy a jar and use them in any other wax warmer. I hope you will enjoy the long lasting fragrance as much as I do!!
When the site is back up after updates on January 9th, you can check them out here!!