Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March Madness!

Wow, it's been a while since I checked in! I will say that business is picking up - the slow, wintery months are over. It's *almost* Spring! I am so over all this snow and ready for some nice sunshine!!!
Ryan is getting back in to service work - he used to have a service company that kind of went down with his divorce... but he has been telling me he really wants to get it back up and going. Of course I'm gonna support him, he supports me with my on-the-side adventures!! So, he is pretty busy at the moment with service work, mostly hot tubs (I call him my Cabana Boy) but also home improvement. He is currently working on remodeling a bathroom for a lady who just bought a tub from him. She also wants him to remodel both the other bathrooms in her house! So, he may be a little busy there for  a while. As long as he brings me the bacon, I'm fine with it!!! LOL!
He has also really been trying to sell people on Pink Zebra, and is doing a great job! I have two catalog parties out right now that are his service customers that he talked into having a party. I also have 3 home parties booked so far this month. Yahoo!!
I'm also trying my hand at recruiting. I would love to build up a great team!! Got two people online I am talking to about it right now. Another couple of local ladies have expressed interest in signing up too.

I would love to get to sign up 3 people this month!! And this month is a great one - you can get $25 off your starter kit!! So start your own business for $74 (plus shipping/tax)!!