Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More work for me!

So, as if remodeling a house doesn't take enough time, I decide to put together a vendor and craft show. Let me tell you, it's a lot of work!! But, it's exciting to me so I don't mind it. Ryan is so supportive with everything too - he suggested to make it a fundraiser for Boy Scouts, which he is heavily involved in. Oh my! We decide to make it a Valentine shopping event, which means we need to have it quick. Another oh my!! But I really like these vendor events - instead of me just standing up in front of everyone and going through my little speech, it's come and go as you please! I will tell you just a little info and you ask me questions... Doesn't put me on the spot as much. A lot of people have never heard of Pink Zebra, so I always use that as my opening line! It gets people interested, that's for sure!! Let's see how many people will get involved now! Comment below after reading this and let me know if you know about Pink Zebra!!